"A combination sharpener"

SSM-2/SM-6 skate sharpener

If you want to be able to profile and sharpen skates at a low cost, then the SSM-2/SM-6 is the perfect solution for you. The SM-6 package is not as efficient as the SSM-2 together with the SSM PROFIL, but it still gets the job done. Four contour templates of your choice (from our list) are included. You can also temporarily remove the SM-6 addition in case you want to use the machine as a portable SSM-2 machine.

Edge the competition

COMBINATION SHARPENER - The SM-6 is designed in a way that makes contouring comfortable. Following the instruction you mark the skate and insert it in the holder. You then insert the template you want. The holder will be guided after the template and you can feed it inwards or outwards by turning a knob. When grinding sparks are equal over the marked area (the contour area) you are finished.

LOW COST - You cannot find a more price-worthy machine able to perform the same tasks.

H-10 HOLDER INCLUDED - The H-10 holder included can be used without use of the contouring subsystem.

BUY SM-6 SEPARATELY - You can buy this addition and attach it on your SSM-2 or SSM-2 PRO. (If you have a SSM-2 made before 1999 there will be compability issues.) Two contour templates of your choice are included with a separately bought SM-6.

S-2/ME60 grinding wheel


When profiling, it is wise to use a grinding wheel with an aggressive cut. This one will also provide a great surface finish, an excellent profile retention and a cool grinding. We recommend it for stores and ice rinks.

Blade edge checker


With the blade edge checker you can see if you have even edges underneath the skate blade. Attach both parts as pictured. If the outer edges are even, then the grey part will be parallel to the line on the black part.

Skate blade straightener


If a skate blade is bent, we recommend using a blade straightener to correct it.