"The contour specialist"

RSM 4 radius sharpening machine

Together with Zandstra Sport (in the Netherlands) we have developed the RSM 4. This is the fourth generation of an automatic radius sharpening machine that has been present on the Olympic Games several times. It is intended for short track skates, long track skates and tour skates. Five radius templates of your choice are included. Contact Zandstra sports or SSM for more information and availability. RSM 4 is available in a CE approved 220-240 V version.

Edge the competition

SUPER ACCURACY - The vertical grinding wheel that moves automatically from left to right will guarantee an exact copy of the contour of the template. By using a fixed holder you get a proper shape in the blade.

WORK HORSE - If you are looking for a way to profile your short track blades, long track blades and tour skates, look no further. This is an automatic sharpening station of the highest quality. It is heavy and very durable, made for working vibration-free all day long.

EFFECTIVE - Because of the accurate sharpening, removal of skate blade material and honing is kept to a minimum.

COMPLETION - After the profiling is complete you need to hone your skate using a very fine hand hone / whetstone while the skates are mounted in an assembly like the Slijptafel from Zandstra Sport.

Diamond dresser D-80


To dress the grinding wheel properly you need a diamond dresser. For the RSM 4 we recommend the D-80, a high quality natural diamond.

Dust extractor U-840


This high-quality welding fume exhaust by Nederman is perfect for our machines - Filtration efficiency is 99.7%. The U-324 filter is treated with flame retardant and will provide the same vacuum strength until the filter is full.

Dust extractor NQS500


The NQS500 is a very strong and extremely quiet soot extraction system by Numatic, which works well on our machines. The motor is protected by a flame retardant filter. A filter bag is not needed!