Our machines and parts are made in Sweden here at our factory (with some minor exceptions).
We assure you that our products are of high quality and have been thoroughly tested.

SSM Factory

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We are normally available between 08:00 and 16:00 Central European Time Monday to Friday. If you are interested in buying our products or having service and repairs done on your SSM machines, please contact us or one of our international agents. If it is required that service be performed by us, the machine should be sent here (with the skate holder). We will inspect it and get back to you with a price before doing anything with it. We always need your full contact information (name, delivery adress, e-mail and phone number).

It is now possible to have an instructional sharpening course given at our factory for a minor fee. If you have questions regarding sharpening but are not anywhere near Uppsala, phone or write to us and we will do our best to reply. We recommend that you watch our instructional videos. Contact information can be found at the bottom this webpage.

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Our history

The skate sharpening machine SSM-2 has its origin in the late 60's, when it was constructed by Rune Gustavsson, then at Osmund Fabriks AB in Uppsala, Sweden. He was, via Kurt Jäderström (also at Osmund), approached by representatives of a local ice hockey team who were unsatisfied with the skate sharpening equipment then available on the market. They wanted Gustavsson to make a brand new design. The rest is history. Ten years later, in the early 80's, Gustavsson and Jäderström left Osmund and formed their own company, SSM Produkt AB, for manufacturing and selling skate sharpening machines and riveting machines. The company, which has always been located in Uppsala, Sweden, currently employs eight persons, where a mayor part is from Gustavsson´s descendants.

Our product range has grown over the years. We now provide a complete solution for sharpening skates. Sales and service within Sweden is done directly by SSM. Within Europe, Russia and North America, SSM is normally represented by agents or retailers.

Our future

Every year something new happens in the skate sharpening area that we have to adjust to, whether it is the arrival of a new skate model which is difficult to sharpen or a new technique which we have to consider. We always strive to make our machines the best ones available. So year after year we make minor modifications to our current product line to make them near perfection. When you get a SSM machine you should know that its construction has benefitted from many years of experience.

A good thing to know is that we also make our new products and modifications compatible with older versions of our products. So if you need/want to replace a part on your machine, you can normally install the latest version of that part. We also continue to update our product range with new products that are sought after. This is to maintain our position as one of the biggest brands worldwide in the market of skate sharpening.