Blade edge checker

We have the experience

Since we have been in this industry for such a long time we have a great advantage

It is very important to have skates properly maintained. This is where our expertize will help out. We have a close cooperation with leading skate blade producers, equipment managers and players. Our skate sharpeners and skate riveters are made for the skate sports, where you want to get the most out of your material and thus improve the sport performance. Sport performers around the world, from amateurs to the world elite, have their skates sharpened and riveted on our equipment. Our machines require low maintenance and are made for year after year use. They are easy to use while delivering great performance.

With our products you can do the final sharpening (hollow or flat) on all kind of skates, such as ice hockey, figure skating, bandy, short track, long track and long-distance. We also provide machines that shape the skate blade (contour/profile) to obtain specific radiuses or glide surfaces. Finally we have the riveting machine for skates, rollerblades, ski boots and orthotics.

Our skate sharpeners are everywhere

Our customers include national teams, ice rinks, artificial-ice rinks, shops, teams and parents.

Sparks from a skate

Teams - stores - parents

Our machines were originally made with sport teams in mind, but the design and price range also made them popular among stores and parents.

SSM in an ice rink

Ice rinks and artificial

You can find SSM equipment on a lot of the big olympic ice rinks in the world. But we are even more popular among the smaller rinks.

SSM in an arena

Mobile ice rinks and artificial

We are collaborating with many mobile ice rink manufacturers. You will probably see our equipment on your mobile ice rink.